• Globe valve is a type of valve with spherical body shapeenclosing the valve seat and a movable valve disc.
  • It is available in ½” to 24” size with pressure ratings of 150#, 300#, 600#, 800#, 900#, 1500#, and 2500#. The end connections for globe valve also come in varieties which are Raised Faced Flanged, Socket Weld, NPT/Thread, and Butt Weld.
  • Globe valves are commonly used as an on or off valve, but they also may be used for throttling systems.
  • The gradual change in spacing between the disk and seat ring gives the globe valve good throttling ability.


  • Globe valves have a disk which can completely open or completely close the flow path.
  • The annular space between the disc and seat ring gradually changes to allow fluid flow through the valve.
  • For low temperature applications, globe valves are ordinarily installed so that pressure is under the disc. This promotes easy operation, helps protect the packing, and eliminates a certain amount of erosive action to the seat and disc faces.
  • For high temperature steam service, globe valves are installed so that pressure is above the disc. Otherwise, the stem will contract upon cooling and tend to lift the disc off the seat.


  • Globe Valve are used to control the flow rates when mixing fluids or in batchin.